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Vauxhall Insignia review | Auto Express

Vauxhall Insignia review | Auto Express

Vauxhall Insignia review | Auto Express
October 11
20:57 2017

Vauxhall has worked hard on the new Insignia to help its ride and handling, and it really has paid off. It’s smooth at low speed, and while you’ll notice bigger bumps when moving a bit faster, the compliant suspension set-up keeps things impressively composed overall.

Even on the motorway, road and wind noise isn’t intrusive, and the 1.5-litre petrol in particular remains very quiet. It’s great at long distance travel, in fact, and will suit company car buyers who do a lot of miles, very well.

Plus, the Grand Sport is good fun on a twisty road, with tidy and enjoyable handling. The steering is well weighted and there’s enough feel to place the car on the road in confidence. There’s a bit of body roll, but weight savings over the previous model mean it’s more agile than you’d expect for a car of its size.

While it’s more fun than a Mondeo or Passat, the BMW 3 Series is still the best car of this size to drive – and a Skoda Superb is better in other ways, including the slicker manual gear change and more comfortable driving position.


The smallest 1.5-litre petrol engine that powers the cheaper Insignia models is a decent unit, and although it feels a bit underpowered in 138bhp form, there’s always the very slightly more expensive 163bhp version to go for instead. It’s quiet and punchy enough for motorway overtakes without too much effort.

The top 2.0-litre petrol engine is brisk, but doesn’t feel as potent the top-spec petrol Skoda Superb, which has a 278bhp engine under the bonnet.

Vauxhall’s ’Turbo D’ badged diesels come in 1.6-litre (108bhp and 134bhp) and 2.0-litre (168bhp) forms. Strong torque figures mean they all feel at least decently punchy, are economical and remain quiet on the move as well.

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