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James Cameron blasts Netflix’s ‘stupid’ film release strategy

James Cameron blasts Netflix’s ‘stupid’ film release strategy

James Cameron blasts Netflix’s ‘stupid’ film release strategy
August 12
13:59 2017

James Cameron is not a fan of Netflix’s strategy to coincide cinema releases with home streaming.

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The Canadian filmmaker has helmed some of Hollywood’s biggest films, including 1984’s The Terminator, 1997’s Titanic and the 2009 sci-fi epic Avatar.
While the decision of Netflix bosses to release original films on both streaming platforms and in some theatres simultaneously sparked outrage at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, Cameron has now weighed in on the debate.
“I’m not into it – I think it’s a stupid idea. The sanctity of the theatre-going experience is something I never really want to see go away,” he told Daily Telegraph newspaper. “I actually don’t think it will go away, but people shouldn’t be denied the option of seeing a film on the big screen.”
The 62-year-old then stated that he feels a need to make films that need to be viewed in the cinema, and explained that people continue to desire “an experience you can’t control.”
Cameron also spoke about his famous intensity on film sets, and the impact his work ethic has had on his relationships, including his separation from fourth wife Linda Hamilton within days of his Oscar victory for Titanic. He now divides his time between California and his home in New Zealand, where he is helming the Avatar sequels, and has praised his wife Suzy Amis for keeping him grounded.

“She’s been through Avatar with me. She knows what’s coming over the horizon. She is very supportive. And I’ve found a way to integrate filmmaking into my life. Part of it is about not taking filmmaking that seriously. I probably have a healthier attitude than I had making The Terminator or Terminator 2,” he said.
Elsewhere, Cameron explained that he sometimes wishes he had some input on the recent sequels to his hit films helmed by other directors – such as the recent Alien or Terminator reboots.
“If I had 20 minutes with the filmmaker ahead of time, I might have been able to help. But that’s just not how this business works,” he mused.

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