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5 Billion in Diamonds — ‘well-crafted charm’

5 Billion in Diamonds — ‘well-crafted charm’

August 12
06:45 2017

5 Billion in Diamonds

5 Billion in Diamonds

(100% Records)

Butch Vig, producer of Nirvana’s Nevermind and co-founder of alt-rock stalwarts Garbage, has a gentler, dreamier side. 5 Billion in Diamonds is a “labour of love”, in Vig’s words, that pays tribute to his love of 1970s psych-folk and space-rock. Joining him is a pair of Brits, DJ James Grillo and producer Andy Jenks, together with guest vocalists including Ebbot Lundberg, former singer with Swedish band The Soundtrack of Our Lives.

The results aren’t quite as far-out as lyrics about “silhouettes on cosmic screens” suggest but they have a well-crafted charm. “Moonbeams” ploughs a similar furrow as Goldfrapp in cinematic pastoral mode, while “Broken Wing” builds from fey acoustic rock into pulsing krautrock.

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